Wassup, Guys? Today we have something interesting: 19+ Pictures That Will Make You Say «Damn, What The…?»

This pile of laundry:

The giant pepper grinder:

The helpful dog:

The Badoo bio boss:

The «excuse my feet btw»:

The cat painting:

The alternate timelines:

The petting Pikachu:

The pineapple bird:

The uncanny resemblance:

The cat thief:

The lab dog:

And the absolute disaster:

These stacks of library books:

This car door that isn’t supposed to bend that way:

This bad idea:

This car stuck in its tracks:

This sunken dream:

And this impossible task:

This unfortunate imprint:

This unsalvageable disaster:

This miscalculation:

This Thanksgiving revenge:

This phone that took a tumble on the treadmill:

This bag of gummies that melted in the sun:

This open sunroof:

And the phone flies away…


This woman who got caught in an afternoon puke shower: